The SOCO Auto Series Tube Bending Machine

SOCO A Series Tube Benders

The SOCO Auto Series range of tube benders provide businesses with a fast, reliable & flexible solution. Available in multiple different models ranging from a 39mm machine to a 90mm version, the fully automatic CNC bender is capable of a wide variety of bend applications.

The range of applications and varying different areas of business in which Langbow sell the Auto Series in to is eye-opening at first viewing, it’s only when you break down the sectors that you start to realise how much fabricated, bent and manipulated tube is in our daily lives.

Equipped with 2 electric CNC axis, this line of SOCO tube benders can offer highly accurate production of components with minimal operator setting.

Features & Functions:

  • 2 electric Axis controlling, bending, tube rotation and carriage movement
  • Programmable touch screen for bend program and parameters
  • Affordable solution for providing automatic production of parts

As the information shows, this range of machinery offers a true advantage to it’s user, it’s easy-to-use interface, reliability & speed make it one of the most desired bending machines on the market.

SOCO also offer a range of automation and safety facilities for the Auto, providing customers with a complete solution for their business. The video below showcase a SB63 Auto, it demonstrates the full capabilities of the machine as well as providing a close up look at how it works, operates and the speed of bend.


If you would like to learn more about the Auto Series or arrange a viewing at our showroom, please get in touch with us via our website and we’d be happy to arrange. We currently have a SB39 Auto in stock.


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