Oil Tube Master | An Automotive Dream?

SOCO SB OIL Master Tube Bending machine

As we know, SOCO supply a wide range of machinery for many different applications. However one of the lesser known machines is actually one of the most capable. The SOCO Oil Tube Master or ‘OTM’ for short is a machine designed for small tube such as; Brake Lines, Hydraulic Lines, Heating Elements etc. With multiple electric axes and a unique design, it allows the user to bend the most complex shapes and parts, it’s the most advanced machine for performance and solution in it’s range.

It’s simplistic design at first glance is deceiving, it’s low profile, lengthy base & single head gives it a underwhelming appearance. Underneath it’s looks however is a vastly capable machine perfectly designed for the Automotive industry.

The big players within the Auto industry stress the importance of efficiency and speed of manufacture, the complex facilities the vehicles of today are made in require the most sophisticated machines on offer, and the small tube elements of these vehicles are no different, so why is the OTM a dream?

Well firstly it has unparalleled speed, just 35 seconds for 14 bends and 100 seconds for 40 bends. That makes it quick, but what about efficiency? Well that’s where this machine really comes into it’s own, it has a 3 Electric Axis controlling bending, tube rotation and carriage movement, optional automatic loading and unloading interface &  full IPC control with up to 49 bends per part programmable (with 3D screen display). How’s that for efficiency?

As you can see then this highly capable machine would fit seamlessly into any organisations manufacturing process, we believe it’s one of the most advances tube machines on the market and we’re here to tell you about it. You can find out more about the Oil Tube Master on it’s product page.

If you would like to enquire about this machine and discuss it’s availability with Langbow, head over to our contact page and fill out the form at the bottom, alternatively drop us a line via email, or call us on 01889 575 380.

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