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Over the past week or so, we have made some changes to our website, in relation to servicing. We’re launching a new campaign pushing the service side of Langbow, it’s something we’ve never really pushed before but that’s all about to change, with an additional engineer joining the team and a whole campaign lined up, this is an ideal time to let you know how Langbow will manage servicing in the future.

We have always ran the same system of a five year warranty on all new machines, subject to an annual service by Langbow, and that is here to stay. We feel that our lengthy warranty makes us stand out from the crowd & provides our customers with an added flexibility unique to Langbow.

From July Langbow will be ramping up it’s efforts in the service sector, we have a standard set charge of £75 p/h with additional extras if required. If you think you machine is due for a service then please follow this link to book it in. If you come to us and book it in, we’ll knock off 20% of the service price.


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