Langbow TIMTOS Press Release.

Langbow took a trip over to Taipei & Taichung in Taiwan in early March to visit our partners, SOCO at TIMTOS , discuss their new developments & celebrate their 40 Year Anniversary.

TIMTOS is a large machinery & engineering trade show specific to Asia. SOCO showcase their latest machines at every edition of the show to ensure maximum presence within the industry. SOCO went to great lengths with their stand, making it easily the largest and most impressive at the show. Not only that but they also had a wide range of machinery displayed, from bending machines, saws & laser cutters.

On the stand they showcased a new model of swing head tube bender; the SB22x8A. This machine was displayed in an automation cell together with a measuring robot, taking tube to and from the machine for measuring. Also featured on the stand was the latest automatic saw, and the new SLT ’round-cut’ tube laser machine, which specialises purely on the cutting of round tube.

SOCO also deployed an attraction feature by means of VR (Virtual Reality). This full VR jig allowed the user to step inside a virtual world of a bending machine in situ. The programme allowed users to visualise what certain bend programmes and operations would look like in a 3D world. The potential for this technology is significant, especially when it comes to the simulation side of SOCO’s software offerings. Seeing bend simulations on a CAD system is one thing, but getting to actually see it in 3D as if you’re there and inspect the bending machine simultaneously is very impressive.

Generally speaking lasers were the talk of the show, with a multitude of companies showing off their latest tech, whether it be cutting or marking. The industry seems to be making a large push on the technology.

After the show we visited SOCO’s headquarters in Taichung to talk about their new product developments in more depth, and also take part in the open house tour special event for their 40th Anniversary.

The seminar & discussions were fairly conclusive. SOCO’s main focus for the upcoming future will be on developing their saw & laser technology. They feel there is a large market to gain entry to by further developing such technology. From a bending point of view, the only new machine in the lineup is the aforementioned SB22x8A Swing-Head machine. It’s an impressive, tightly packed & speedy machine, targeted somewhere in the middle of the SB19 & the SB32 Swing-Head variants. We’re excited to work with our customers on this new development and hopefully install one of these machines in the UK very soon.

SOCO then went on to explain their newest developments within their software, such as; operator management systems whereby the manager can control and view what his/hers operators are doing on the machine, and also clock the amount of time spent actually bending certain parts. There were other relatively minor programming updates to make everything a more slick operation than previous iterations.

We rounded out the trip with the 40th Anniversary banquet evening. A large get together of everyone involved with SOCO over the last 40 years. Our Managing Director, Mark Smith went on stage to receive an award for partnership with SOCO for a little over 20 years. With over 500 machines installed the UK, we’re definitely looking forward to the next 20 years.

You can view the videos from the show, as well as Mark’s acceptance speech over on our social media pages, @LangbowLtd

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