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Machine Installation at MDJ Manufacturing.

  Langbow recently installed the impressive SOCO SB-52x10A-2S-V-U swing-head bending machine at MDJ Manufacturing in Derby. As shown in the video above, the machine combines high levels of versatility with supreme efficiency to enable the user to complete complex bends and parts with relative ease. The machines capability to bend from both the left and […]

Langbow TIMTOS Press Release.

Langbow took a trip over to Taipei & Taichung in Taiwan in early March to visit our partners, SOCO at TIMTOS , discuss their new developments & celebrate their 40 Year Anniversary. TIMTOS is a large machinery & engineering trade show specific to Asia. SOCO showcase their latest machines at every edition of the show […]

Langbow Servicing | News

Over the past week or so, we have made some changes to our website, in relation to servicing. We’re launching a new campaign pushing the service side of Langbow, it’s something we’ve never really pushed before but that’s all about to change, with an additional engineer joining the team and a whole campaign lined up, […]

Oil Tube Master | An Automotive Dream?

As we know, SOCO supply a wide range of machinery for many different applications. However one of the lesser known machines is actually one of the most capable. The SOCO Oil Tube Master or ‘OTM’ for short is a machine designed for small tube such as; Brake Lines, Hydraulic Lines, Heating Elements etc. With multiple […]

Outsource vs In-House | Which is better for your business?

Ever since the economic crash of 2008, the capital machinery market has been re-building itself. For many years the cost of buying outright machinery outweighed the work that businesses were getting and therefore they resorted to outsourcing their tube bending to contractors. Now that is all well and good, until the market picks back up […]

The SOCO Auto Series Tube Bending Machine

The SOCO Auto Series range of tube benders provide businesses with a fast, reliable & flexible solution. Available in multiple different models ranging from a 39mm machine to a 90mm version, the fully automatic CNC bender is capable of a wide variety of bend applications. The range of applications and varying different areas of business […]

Welcome To Langbow!

Welcome to Langbow, on this page and in the following posts, you will find relevant articles and guides to the tube industry. Features include; how our machines can help your business, the latest technology being used, the future of the industry, basic guides to get you started and much more! This is our a go-to […]