SOCO A Series Tube Benders

Machine Installation at MDJ Manufacturing.

  Langbow recently installed the impressive SOCO SB-52x10A-2S-V-U swing-head bending machine at MDJ Manufacturing in Derby. As shown in the video above, the machine combines high levels of versatility with supreme efficiency to enable…
SOCO SB OIL Master Tube Bending machine

Oil Tube Master | An Automotive Dream?

As we know, SOCO supply a wide range of machinery for many different applications. However one of the lesser known machines is actually one of the most capable. The SOCO Oil Tube Master or 'OTM' for short is a machine designed for small tube…
SOCO A Series Tube Benders

The SOCO Auto Series Tube Bending Machine

The SOCO Auto Series range of tube benders provide businesses with a fast, reliable & flexible solution. Available in multiple different models ranging from a 39mm machine to a 90mm version, the fully automatic CNC bender is capable of a…