Langbow & Schmersal

Langbow & Schmersal are partnered together to provide the perfect safety solutions for your business. Blending together our knowledge of the industry & their expertise in safety. Safety isn’t just a recommendation, it’s a legal requirement, and we’re committed to supplying our customers with the best equipment, tailored for their business needs.

Safety Mats

Safety mats are the most popular and most essential safety product we provide. Capable of being fitted to every machine we supply, it provides reliable safety for the user around the clock.


The SLC/SLG 440 – 445 product series are an efficient solution for automated process cycles, offering the highest protection of man for the user. It provides for a smooth and flexible adaptation to any machine concept by means of the integrated functions, which can be parametrized without any tools whatsoever (PC / software)

Sensors & Switches

Schmersal offer a wide range of Sensors & Switches to complete your machine safety. These devices are placed in intricate areas of your machine that carry potential hazard to its user.

The Process

We understand that safety can be a confusing minefield for customers, the process of engineering a system & fitting it to your machine can seem long-winded & difficult. That’s why, as well as having our own trained safety engineers, we also work closely with Tecnicum, a brand of Schmersal for all of our design queries. Tecnicum are also on hand to install your system, so that lead-times are cut.

We do this to ensure our customers safety is is being responsibly and professionally catered for.

Ensuring Safety

Ensuring the safety of the operator is paramount. Before the machine is used we won’t rest until we’ve designed, installed & trained your team. Schmersal’s product range is best in class for the industry, so you can rest assured the products are reliable and effective, but most importantly, will keep everyone safe in the workplace.

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To find out more about our safety solutions, please get in touch via our website, or email We’re committed to offering the best safety solution for your business.