Spare Parts


SOCO Spares 

We carry an extensive stock of spares for the machines we provide, meaning we can cut down on lead-time as much as possible.



If you part(s) is in stock, we can deliver your order next day as standard, for NI & Ireland it’s 2-3 Business Days

lead time

On Order

If we don’t have your part(s) in stock, we order them in either from SOCO or another supplier. Lead time is usually around 1-2 weeks for most spare parts.

How To Buy

step 1

Obtain Information

First you need to gather information about the part you’re after, if it’s a standard part that you order frequently then simply ring us or email sales@langbow with the part number you require and we’ll do the rest.

If it’s a more specialist item, the best thing to do is give us a call first and one of our engineers will discuss your requirements with you to determine the exact part. If we have it in stock we’ll ship for next day delivery, if not we order it in – lead time approx 1-2 weeks.

step 2

Send Order

Once you have obtained the necessary part information, send us across an order to sales@langbow or a member of staffs email if you have it.

If you have an account with us we’ll simply invoice you for the part, for new customers it’s a pro-forma basis until you establish an account with us.

step 3

Delivery & Installation 

Final step is all down to us, we’ll deliver your item Next Day if possible. If it’s a common part and you already know how to install it onto your machine then that’s great, however if it’s an uncommon part for a complex area of the machine, or you’ve never changed any parts on the machine before – please don’t hesitate to give us a call and one of our engineers will guide you through the process of installation to ensure it’s set-up and working properly to minimise downtime.